How does it work? The process explained...

Where will your temporary accommodation be situated? How many people will be using the facilities? Do you have any special needs regarding windows, insulation or measurements? Who will take care of transportation? Based on a short analysis we will advise you to on how we best organize your units. 

Step 1 Select your unit based on quick analysis

Choosing your trans-pack unit is easy. Based on a short analysis we will help you pick the unit that suits you best. Expect us to inform you about the delivery times as well.  

We use our experience to help you pick durable units. This selection is based on relevant factors. For example: What are the weather conditions of the country you will be working in? Where will your temporary accommodation be situated? How many people will be using the facilities? Do you have any special needs regarding windows, doors or measurements?

Be sure to count on quality
Smart Cabins takes full responsibility for comfortable housing and offices on site. We provide well-insulated units with solid construction. In addition, we offer many different options. The options include, but are not limited to:

  • Electrical installation
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Fire protection components
  • Insulation options for roof, wall, floor, windows and doors
  • Window options
  • Color options
  • Roof facure options (customized to your house style)

Learn more about your options? Take a look at our projects

Step 2 A cabin in a package

Smart Cabins offers standard units that fit into 40’ high cube containers. We guarantee high packing efficiency, making transportation around the globe payable.

Are we shipping a standard unit or has your unit already been built? Based on the unit we choose the most efficient way to pack your unit. All you have to know is that all units can easily be loaded on a flat rack, platform or in a container.  

Packaging your separate materials
Be aware: we can also take care of effective packaging and transportation of your separate materials. Among other things, furniture, stairs, landings and air conditioning systems will be packaged seaworthy and will be protected from damage.

Step 3 Taking care of all logistics needs

No matter where in the world your company executes its projects, Smart Cabins can take care of your logistics needs. We offer you extensive logistics services by ocean, road, rail and air. Of course you are free to organize the transportation of your export units yourself. Just pick up the units at our depot.

When it comes to the shipping of your units, you want to be sure your units will arrive safely and on time. Relying on Smart Cabins for logistics means that you benefit from comprehensive services for your transport. We work together with Broekman Logistics, a logistics partner with a global reach. We can also take care of your custom papers.  

No route is too far! Take a look at our projects to see where we have shipped Smart Cabins to.

Step 4 You can build the units yourself (but you don’t have to)

Smart Cabins products are designed, packaged and delivered so that you can build your facilities yourself. Our units come with a clear instruction video, drawings and an implementation manual. We also provide turnkey implementation. In you want to, we will have your units ready before you arrive.

At Smart Cabins we always think ahead in order to keep the montage of the units as simple as possible. Whether you have chosen for a pre-assembled or standard unit, the layout and components of the units are defined in your customized manual.

Supplied as an assembly kit
Your units will be supplied as an assembly kit on location. In order to build your cabin all you need are a forklift or hand pallet truck. On average, it takes two people to build two units per day.

Turnkey implementation on site
When you are working in a new country you might want to focus on your core business. Especially if you don’t know the language and have no clue which partners to turn to with questions. That’s why our own staff arranges services to help you with the implementation on site. We can assemble the entire building or help you with the start-up.